Friday, August 27, 2010

♥hard to say TAPI sangat rindu korang

missing you guys freaking much! 
seriously, i cant even sleep tonight. every moments were very clear dancing in my mind.
the memories were soooooooo damnly memorable.

farhana izatul : seriously, aku rindu time kita buat gempak, mengarut sampai tak ingat dunia but behind all these, aku banyak belajar macam macam. yes! without you, memang aku dah hanyut dulu. you guide me to the right path, girl! i owed you for this!

khairunnisa : thanks for all the advices. whatever happened, you'r always there. really appreciate it! girl, you give me strength, teach me how to face the world. 

nabila : girl, you too...really meant to me! missing your childish face la even though you r now....very very very different. but i believe you know how to differentiate between right and wrong. i was so happy after our first meeting haritu, langsung tak expect i can see you after a loooong time and yea, after the incident! one more thing, im missing our gossiping moments. take care of yourself, and for your own good sake, stop taking all that _____,okey. 

farah : you always said that...i was very expert with 'love' matters lepas tu suka mintak advices. all these sebab my rubbish histories. kecik kecik banyak sangat cinta monyet sampai everything, you still asking for my advices. believe me girl! you know it more than me! thanks for your advices too pasal hal dulu tu. time tu memang dah pasrah but you give me strength, new life.

farhana : i missed our first meeting, tak pernah kita jumpa langsung since form five kan? seriously i feels so weirdo time tu sebab lama gila tak jumpak, plus i dont even have any ideas nak gossip pasal apa. nice spending time with you, girl! oh, sorry for this weekend, we cant meet up again but promise! i'll bring you to the optical shop nanti. im sorry because i wasn't there, i mean...time your dad passed away. you know what girl, im here, with you, remember that!

lela : girl, kita membesar sama sama. seriously shit, i dont know where can i find you. please gimme some clues syg! bila dah masuk sekolah, kita terpisah tapi every week mesti hantar surat. you know what, i have lotsssss of stories taw nak kongsi. i still remember, bila cuti sekolah mesti akan balik kampung, so kita boleh main sama sama. but bila kalah, of course i'll crying and crying and crying for the whole day, and you are the one yang akan datang pujuk either through tingkap takpun belasah masuk je rumah my grandma. hey, you are the one yang teach me how to wear heels kan, and my age baru 6 tahun. do you remember how we walk with those heels? and handbag? and that is the reason why im addicted to heels and handbags today. lots of memories between us sebab you are the ONLY friend yang farysa nak kawan time tu. oh yea, you teach me how to ride a bicycle and at night, kita akan jalan atas batu batu macam model dengan harapan untuk jadi model yang cantik.

girls! thanks so much for all those wonderful memories. harini, esok, tulat tapi still takde yang boleh replace korang. maybe entry ni sangat pelik sebab sangat impossible untuk insan bernama farysa nak buat luahan hati macam ni. HAHA. 

i LOVE you GUYS!