Friday, November 20, 2009

♥YOUREKA contest

i got one contest for you guys.just find a green ticket.sorry terlambat nak update pasal contest the way,before ni suda ade red and blue ticket.farysa sendiri pun terlepas that 'red ticket'.okey...jom tengok step2 die :
1st step : just go to (ingat taw yahoo malaysia)

(sila klik iklan youreka yang macam farysa bulat tu yer)

2nd step : click that green ticket

(klik yer jangan tak klik)

3rd step : you will found that green ticket like this

(just klik "register here" tu oke)

simple will get the rewards and have fun on 25th la syg.=)
ohh yea,kalau korang dapat email sahkan yang korang found ticket tu then...congrats!i got my blue ticket(the reward was 2 tickets to watch 2012) and yesterday i got this green ticket.try your luck now.good luck people!

p/s :for more information, you may google about youreka party.see you there!


..::..ein..::.. said... REPLY

lepas register 2, loading dia mmg lambat ke

farysa said... REPLY

xd la ein
cpt je
klo da reg
just check ur emel dpt ke x

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