Wednesday, November 11, 2009

♥faced it for a second time

i cant sleep even closing my eyes.when clock turns to be 12am,mate suda mengantuk.tapi melihatkan MR KERING yang sakit,i felt so worried.its my fault.kalau sorang sorang dekat rumah memang sudah dibelasah kereta dekat luar ni,drive terus pegi sane.but then,ade mama dengan ayah,memang konpem tak lepas.tambah tambah pulak ade hati nak drive kereta pagi the way,stereng suda lame tidak disentuh,kalau sentuh alamatnye memang menuju ke arah sungai di sebelah rumah.i became crazy for a while.mane taknye,nak pegi cari tiket flight pagi pagi buta.memang la takde,ahaha.gosh!i lost my mind.
i just watch him through skype.kebetulan kitorang webcam.(sounds like watching the tv).;p.yes,saya mengaku saya seorang yang not allowed him to go for dinner for the second time.melihat sakit yang diterima,hati mane yang tak menyesal.i know i cant do anything to help you.and now,i realized not a good person for so sorry.
around 4am,i'd login our facebook.ohh yea,i have a facebook and it belongs to both of us.then i saw a notification.i shouldnt said a because there were other notifications too.okey then,when i opened one of the notifications,my heart starts beating faster.gile kaw.yea i know,i need to face this situation for a second time but im not really ready.anis said that the result will be released tomorrow.grrrrrrrrr.....again!this is not my lucky day.huh.
i dont know what to do.for the conformation,i tried to open iiu website.shit.its stated there.its true!
*cry again*
seriously,im double triple worried now.GOD,pls give me a happy day.i knew i'd done lots of stupid things.and now,i regret it.=(


edda(",) said... REPLY

hope mr.kering tuh sihat.... =(

farysa said... REPLY

thnks sygs~

Budak Malu818 said... REPLY

nanti,cihat la mr.kering awk 2..
mane chatbox awk?
nuff awk tido la...
baru nk click2..

farysa said... REPLY

Budak Malu818,
thnks jgk kpd kamu
die xnk bgn2 lg
cm mne nk shtnye
chatbox blom dsediakn lg
nuff tido yer
nnt2 dtg lg ek

petite said... REPLY

insya-Allah result ko ok. amin.
ak btul2 la teringin nak msuk gombak skali dgn ko next month.
kte doa byk2 k?
insya-Allah da result would b a good one. amin.
bersemangat k farissa??

p.s: send my regards to mr kering. kesian dia sakit. xpe2, farissa tlg jga dr jauh k? bg kata2 semangat. :D

farysa said... REPLY

aku pass weyh
alhamdulillah =)

petite said... REPLY

yeay!!! amin.
alhamdulillah.. :D

nak susun jadual skali x?

farysa said... REPLY

ikt ko je

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