Friday, January 10, 2014

a not too late wish for every bloggers

sorrylah lama sangat tak update. 24hours takcukup untuk mengarut dekat blog. btw, its not too late rasanya untuk wish everyone Happy New Year. As usual, each year we gonna create few memories, doesnt matter whether its a happy or sad one but it is soooo valuable kan. same goes to me as 2013 totally created too much memories. Its where i finished and graduated from IIUM, become a wife on our 6th anniversary day, and alhamdulillah im now continue doing my masters in a field that i totally admired for a long time. Even though duduk jauh dari suami, which i dont think many people can survive dengan cabaran macam ni but its fine, we believe in Allah and His plans. We are happy to be a husband and wife even in this long distance relationship. HAHA. dah cukup long lah kot dari Malaysia ke UK kan. HEHE. doakan yang terbaik untuk kitorang ya. 

see you guys soon. enjoy your 2014. =D


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