Tuesday, July 12, 2011

♥ Vanitas Versace 100ml EDP

ada orang nak beli perfume tak? tapi yang untuk perempuan la. saja gedik beli tapi tak pakai pun. dalam plastik lagi. VANITAS VERSACE, bau sweet tapi jangan tanya details bau macam mana sebab dah tak ingat. berbulan bulan duduk dalam beg, baru teringat.

The latest news arrives from the house of Versace! They are launching a fragrant edition which is being prepared for 2011 and it will be advertised by model Lindsey Wixson.
The new fragrance is named Vanitas. We can expect a luminous and fresh composition, created of shiny notes of lime, floral wave of tiare and freesia along with a pleasant and sensual trail of tonka and woody accords of cedar. Group of Scent - Floral

*real picture*

nak let go = RM200 ( 100ml EDP)


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