Tuesday, September 15, 2009

♥1st entry (just a short preface from me)


First thing first,thanks yea visiting my blog.This blog is actually existed since 2008 but i feel so lazy to update it and i still thinking why should i make another blog,update its entry but left this blogspot behind. By the way, i dont have any reason doing this blog,it is just for fun and maybe here, i may share my inner heart thinking,my daily life event and everything that i think i can share as long as it is not about my personal. Hm, im accede with people saying that im an arrogant person.so what? Maybe its true that i dont have many friends(wait!i should say best friends)but then i have my own reasons. My bestest clique that i have totally completing my life. Heeee...thanks so muchy much to khairunnisa,farhana izatul,farah,farhana and not to be forgotten my new buddy...anis. I really really really love them.Yeah...our relationship will never end okeh! People,u can be my friend if u want it. im not a choosy one and most important is i dont really care who u are. So,lets be friend! Oh yea...thanks dad for paying my broadband bill,haha.if not, i cant make this wonderfull blog...i guess..uhuk..perasan! Last but not least,i wanna thanks to the one that stole my heart, MR KERING(oooopppppsssss!), for your lovely dovey care,support and everything...Iyou dear.


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